Executive Support Network Programs

African American Leadership & Management is a certificate program that provide trainings and support that strengthen and enhance the nonprofit organizations and executive directors.

Capacity building Training: Board development, Strategic planning, Fiscal Management, Fund development, Marketing, Staff Development, Program Development & Evaluation organization Sustainability.

Executive Directors Support Group (It’s all about nurturing}

Upon completing the trainings Executive Directors receive a certificate of completion.

South L.A. Collaborative Vision 

South L.A. Collaborative vision: ESN’s South Los Angeles Collaborative provides opportunities for collective advocacy through meaningful dialogue, networking, relevant data collection and dissemination, address the needs of the community.  

Annual Foundation Roundtable

Annual Foundation Roundtable: Brings the Philanthropy community, nonprofits executive directors, and senior staff together to build relationships and share information regarding potential funding opportunities available to nonprofit organizations. 

Do You Know Your Local Representatives?

Do You Know Your Southern California City Council Members?