Board of Directors

Secretary: Leah Robertson

Leah is a (IHOC) In Home Outreach Counselor with the Personal Involvement Center in Los Angeles. Leah graduated from Grand Canyon University with her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Leah enjoys and takes pride in assisting families understand their worth. Leah believes in supporting and encouraging family to set and reach goals never realized. Leah enjoys serving her community seeking out resources to support those communities. Leah serves as one of the ministers at her church. Leah also enjoys supporting mothers in their quest to nurture their children without loosing themselves in the process. “Mamas on a Break” is a non-profit organization to help support those goals. Leah enjoys attending Jazz Festivals, Painting, Writing, her most prize enjoyment is raising 3 of her six grandchildren since birth (the system was not an Option). Leah enjoys learning new things and goes by the motto of “doing something different every day” even if it means simply taking a new route to work. Seeing people as God sees them has become beneficial in reaching personal and professional goals.